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This course is designed for all kinds of people, a beginner who is passionate about trading and wants to learn a new skill, or an intermediate to experienced trader, who wants to brush up on their skills. The strategies taught in this course will improve your trading and your investing journey, phenomenally. You’ll learn the most productive and constructive ways to predict the market moves, and analyse any chart pair which you desire. In this course, you’ll learn from scratch , 1) Candlesticks & All the major types of candlesticks patterns ( Candlestick Trading ) 2) Price action analysis 3) All the major chart patterns & their interpretations 4) Important technical indicators & strategies 5) Risk management & Position sizing 6) Trading psychology & Managing emotions 7) TOP DOWN ANALYSIS ON LIVE APPLE CHART & more. TO MAKE LEARNING SUPER EASY AND INTERESTING I'VE ATTACHED PDF RESOURCES WITH THE IMPORTANT LECTURES WHICH YOU CAN STUDY THEM!! You'll master the basics of Technical Analysis of from scratch. We believe this is THE best course on technical analysis, If you are still not sure, ask yourself the following questions so you can have a clear picture and make a wiser decision 1) Do you want to learn how pick the best pair to trade and invest in the financial markets? 2) Do you want to be a professional and wise trader / Investor of the financial markets? 3) Do you want to make passive income from trading / investing? If the answer is ‘’YES’’ to any of the questions above, then this is the course for you! Since my job is to predict probabilities, I'll use my skills and predict that the probability of you enjoying the content of this course is high! :) Thank you very much for reading all of this! I hope to see you as my student! :') Legal Disclaimer: The information given in this course is for educational purpose only, Will not be Responsible for Any kind of Loss to anyone in anyway, due to this course. What you’ll learn Learn to analyse, Stocks , Cryptocurrencies , Forex , Commodities , Index , Options Trading Psychology Mastery : How to control human emotions and be rational while taking trade. How to use Risk Management for maximum profit at minimum risk. How to become a professional technical analyst. Avoid the common mistakes that new traders make. Identify all kinds of patterns forming upon charts & trade them How to make a new source of Passive income Learn to become a professional trader / investor.

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In this video, you will given all the knowledge regarding the course that what is this course.

  • What is in the course.mp4 4min 11sec

In this section, you people will learn about different candlestick patterns.

  • Introduction to Candlesticks.mp4 5min 4sec
  • Doji Candlestick Pattern.mp4 4min 53sec
  • Marubozu Candlestick Pattern.mp4 4min 52sec
  • Hammer Candlestick Pattern.mp4 2min 28sec
  • Evening Star Candlestick Pattern.mp4 2min 31sec
  • Bullish and Bearish Harami Candlestick Pattern.mp4 3min 28sec
  • Bearish engulfing Candlestick Pattern.mp4 2min 31sec
  • Bullish Engulfing Candlestick Pattern.mp4 2min 51sec
  • Morning Star Candlestick Pattern.mp4 3min 27sec
  • Three Black Crows Candlestick Pattern.mp4 2min 1sec
  • Three White Soldiers Candlestick Pattern.mp4 2min 43sec
  • Inverted Hammer Candlestick Pattern.mp4 1min 50sec
  • Hanging Man candlestick pattern.mp4 2min 7sec
  • Shooting Star Candlestick Pattern.mp4 2min 35sec
  • Spinning Top Candlestick Pattern.mp4 3min 19sec

In this section, you will learn about support and resistance

  • What is Support and Resistance.mp4 8min 35sec
  • Drawing Support and Resistance with rectangular box.mp4 2min 50sec
  • What is Trendlines and it's strategies.mp4 8min 49sec

In this section, you will learn about different chart patterns such as symmetrical triangle Pattern, head and shoulder pattern, Inverse head and shoulder pattern, Cup and handle pattern and many others Patterns

  • Symmetrical triangle chart Pattern.mp4 5min 25sec
  • Ascending triangle chart Pattern.mp4 3min 20sec
  • Head and Shoulder Chart Pattern.mp4 2min 46sec
  • Inverse Head and Shoulder Chart Pattern.mp4 2min 35sec
  • Descending triangle Chart Pattern.mp4 2min 29sec
  • Double bottom Chart Pattern.mp4 3min 41sec
  • Double Top Chart Pattern.mp4 1min 12sec
  • Bear flag Chart Pattern.mp4 2min 38sec
  • Bull flag Chart Pattern.mp4 2min 23sec
  • Cup and handle Chart Pattern.mp4 2min 57sec
  • Rising . wedge Chart Patternmp4 3min 3sec
  • Falling Wedge Chart Pattern.mp4 3min 30sec

In this section, you will learn about different Technical indicators which is widely used in trading. These indicators helps alot in trading

  • Relative Strength Index(RSI).mp4 4min 54sec
  • RSI Divergence and it's types.mp4 6min 28sec
  • MACD Indicator.mp4 6min 13sec
  • Stochastic Indicator.mp4 4min 29sec
  • 4EMA Indicator.mp4 9min 35sec
  • Parabolic S.A.R Indicator.mp4 3min 53sec

In this section, you will learn about trading psychology which means how to manage your risk and emotions while trading and top down analysis of live charts and it's result.

  • Trading Psychology.mp4 7min 20sec
  • Top down Analysis.mp4 5min 42sec

In this section, you will learn about risk management and how to calculate position sizing

  • Introduction to Risk management.mp4 8min 5sec
  • Position Size calculation.mp4 6min 37sec

Now, the course is completed. All that you have to do is to practice as much as you can

  • The End.mp4 2min 11sec
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Imran Khan

CFO at Pakistan Stock Exchange

Chartered Accountant. Studied at Institute of Chartered Accountant of Pakistan (ICAP) CFO and Technical analysist at Financial Markets especially Crypotocurrency trading, forex trading and PSX


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15+ enrolled on this course